Design Wars is fast becoming an elite challenge for professional crochet designers, and our continued progress has secured a sponsorship with Red Heart Yarns! Design Wars challenges are held quarterly, and each challenge lasts between 4 and 6 weeks long, and followed by a 4 to 6 week break where only vendors are showcased. Our schedule is projected at least 3 months in advance, and is posted when available.

Why should you consider advertising in our Design Wars newsletter and blog?

(STATS taken during Design Wars 3, April 24 – June 5. Please note that our fan page, blog, and newsletter were created in April, 2013 and our STATS are profoundly multiplying!):

– Combined facebook following increased over 12% (over 6,887  followers!),
– Design Wars fan page gained 2,500+ followers since first released March 8th.
– Design Wars blog received over 23,000 visitors, 75,000 page views, and over 4,000 comments were made (that’s an average of about 600 visitors per day!)
Over 8,000 pins were made directly form our Design Wars blog,
– The best response recorded on our blog from our combined social networking was 3,663 visitors and 7,949 page views in one day!
– Our first 4 newsletters have been read over 26,800 times, by nearly 6,600 individuals, and the average read time per issue is about 3 minutes (that means a lot of people are actually reading our content, and not just skimming through it!)
– Our newsletter has nearly 1,000 subscribers!

While we are still in the beginning stages of Design Wars, we have a progressive strategy that is working to create a fun, energetic, cohesive community; we are continuing to show that Design Wars is a positive network of professionals, and that we’re successful because we work hard, and we work together!

Therefore, now that we are continually proving the vast reach our community has, we are asking for sponsor support to help keep our venture progressive, and here are some opportunities we can bring you:


2. BLOG AD Spaces

3. VENDOR Showcase

If you have any questions about these sponsorship opportunity, please contact me for support: DesignWarsChallenge@yahoo.com

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