Vendor Showcase | A la Sascha

A la Sascha | Sascha Blase-van Wagtendonk

Brought to you by Salena Baca, on behalf of Design Wars

A La Sascha | Bobble Bolero

A la Sascha | Bobble Bolero

A La Sascha | Kangaroo Jumper

A la Sascha | Kangaroo Jumper

A La Sascha | FREE Crochet Pattern Tree in a Bottle

A la Sascha | FREE Crochet Pattern Tree in a Bottle

A La Sascha | Fashion Sweater

A la Sascha | Fashion Sweater

Meet Sascha Blase-van Wagtendonk! She is the lovely Dutch designer behind A la Sascha, and is just as humble and supportive as she is creative! Her brand first launched with a blog where she began offering a variety of good quality crochet patterns at no cost – yeah, free crochet patterns! She continually sustains her reach by providing fans with step-by-step photo tutorials, modern designs, fresh color combinations, and a balance of free and modestly priced crochet patterns that are quite impressive! Her work is classic and colorful, decorative and functional, and she is someone who I strongly support!

I don’t recall if I first met Sascha on ravelry or facebook, but she has been a loyal and impressive pattern tester for my Baca Creations crochet pattern line for some time; She’s been a strong advocate, and has done a superb job providing support and feedback to assure my work was ready for publication.  Take note – with Sascha’s strong understanding  for pattern construction, and a keen eye for wording, she easily has my vote as a strong sister-in-yarn and professional pattern writer!

In addition to her mad hooking skills and design work, Sascha is a fun person to follow; just last Christmas she hosted a crochet-a-long  and offered a variety of free holiday related decor for the season! My favorite of the bunch is a fawn head that I will definitely be making to spruce up my spruce this December. A la Sascha is a great little up-and-coming source that I recommend following for inspiration, free patterns, and friendly service. Stop by any of her forums, and please tell her that I sent you there running!



Sascha was kind enough to offer 3 of her crochet patterns for free to 3 fans, and you can CLICK HERE to enter! Winners will be announced as an update to this post on 12 July, and have 24 hours to claim their prizes once named or this offer is totally void.

12 July, 2013, 10:15 PM MST Update | Winners have 24 hours from now to claim these prizes:

3 FREE A La Sascha Crochet Patterns to 3 fans:

1. Brittney Ragon – Contact Design Wars to claim

2. Kathy Randle-Lewis  – Contact Design Wars to claim

3. Heidi Drew Contact Design Wars to claim

A la Sascha | Sascha Blase-van Wagtendonk

A la Sascha | Sascha Blase-van Wagtendonk

A la Sascha | Christmas Fawn Head

A la Sascha | Christmas Fawn Head

A la Sascha | FREE Cable Knitting Pattern

A la Sascha | FREE Cable Knitting Pattern

A la Sascha | FREE Doily Bunting Crochet

A la Sascha | FREE Doily Bunting Crochet

A la Sascha | FREE Cabled Crochet Bracelet

A la Sascha | FREE Cabled Crochet Bracelet

Sasha was only to thrilled to chat with me for our Design Wars community! It was a real pleasure to get to know her better, and I hope you adore her as much as I have. Read, share, enjoy!

Design Wars (DW): Do you wear your own crochet goods?
Sascha Blase-van Wagtendonk (SBW): Yes, I do a lot! I where my half moon shawls very often. And I recently designed my first sweater, which I’m so happy with, It’s very wearable and fashionable!

DW: Which of your crochet patterns do you feel best represent you?
SBW: That’s a really hard question, my shop is filled with very different kinds of patterns. I have a large line of loveys which I really love, the little red riding hood is my absolute favorite. I also sell wearable items and If I have to choose I’d think I pick the Kangaroo jumper because of the combination of crochet and amigurumi. It’s fun and functional at the same time.

A la Sascha | Red Riding Hood Lovey

A la Sascha | Red Riding Hood Lovey

DW: Define succe; What to do you hope to accomplish
SBW: For now I’m really happy with the lovely customers that are visiting my shop, but off course I’d like to dream too! I would love to participate in a huge design contest and I would really like to write a crochet pattern book someday!

DW: If you could meet anyone in the crochet world, who would it be? Why?
SBW: I’d like to host a little tea party for all the designers of design wars! This whole competition is so inspiring and I’d love to get to know the people behind it!

DW: What are the best words of wisdom you can provide to new vendors?
SBW: Try and find something new, something that you don’t see a lot but you really like and would buy yourself, chances are good people will notice you and will want to buy your pattern too!

24 responses to “Vendor Showcase | A la Sascha

  1. i loved learning more about the designer as a person- i am a huge fan of her patterns and it’s so cool to ‘get to know’ her 🙂

  2. I really like this showcase. As far as the number of newsletters I guessed because I already subscribe

  3. I loved her answer to who she’d like to meet in the crochet world! I would love to do the same!!!

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