Vendor Showcase | Repeat Crafter Me

Repeat Crafter Me | Sarah Zimmerman

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Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Gingerbread Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Gingerbread Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Zebra Hat Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Zebra Hat Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Snowman Hat

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Snowman Hat Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Fall Wreath Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Fall Wreath Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Fruit Coaster Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Fruit Coaster Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Cupcake Hat Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | FREE Cupcake Hat Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me | Sarah Zimmerman Family Photo

Repeat Crafter Me | Sarah Zimmerman Family Photo

Meet Sarah Zimmerman; she’s the mastermind behind the site dedicated to free crochet patterns, crockpot cooking, and craft tutorials: Repeat Crafter Me! Sarah is a graphics artist by trade who graduated in 2001 from the University of Washington with a degree in Visual Arts. Like so many of us stay-at-homer’s Sarah began sharing her craft endeavors after having her first child just a few years ago, and the crochet world is very thankful that she did; she is one of the most accessed sources of  free crochet patterns for babies that  I’ve seen (and I know, I’m a crochet gawker…). Her modern style, paired with simplistic tutorials and color photos, are certainly ingredients for success, and I’m sure her 23,000+ facebook fans will agree with me!

In late 2012 I attended a craft fair in a teeny-tiny Texas town and came across another crochet vendor. I love meeting new sisters in yarn, so I chatted her up and complimented her array of fresh designs that were quite popular that day; a Gingerbread themed hat and legging set, Snowman hat, baby booties, Penguin hat – this girl had some great goods! When I asked about her designs, she told me they all came from Repeat Crafter Me, a designer I had not yet heard of, so I went home that day and did some serious investigations! 

To my delight, Repeat Crafter Me was a great resource for free craft projects, recipes, tutorials, and  inspiration all in one neat, tidy blog that is very easy to follow! It’s been a refreshing little gem to stumble upon, and I have not been the only one to take serious notice; just this past winter Sarah was featured in Woman’s Day Magazine with an impressive spread of tips on keeping craft space organized!

Repeat Crafter Me | A Year of Dates

Repeat Crafter Me | A Year of Dates Craft Project

Repeat Crafter Me | Pot Roast Recipe

Repeat Crafter Me | Pot Roast Recipe

Repeat Crafter Me | Woman's Day Magazine

Repeat Crafter Me | Woman’s Day Magazine

Sarah and I collaborated to bring you a great little giveaways: I will be donating 1 FREE Blog Ad Space to one fan, and she will be giving 1 $15.00 Michaels gift card to 1 fan! CLICK HERE to enter! Winners will be announced as an update to this post on 5 July, and have 24 hours to claim their prizes once named or these offers are totally void.

6 July, 2013, 6:00 AM MST Update | Winners have 24 hours from now to claim these prizes:

1 FREE Ad Space on Design Wars Blog for 1 fan:

1. Lynette Long – Contact Design Wars to claim.

1 FREE $15 Michaels Gift Card to 1 fans

1. De’Anna Groves – Contact Repeat Crafter Me to claim.

Repeat Crafter Me | Enter to win a $15 Michales Gift Card

Repeat Crafter Me | Enter to win a $15 Michales Gift Card

I enjoy following Sarah’s progress for a number of reasons; she’s a positive woman, I can relate to her as a mother and craft entrepreneur, she has fresh talent and designs, and she provides tutorials and inspiration for things that I’m really interested in and are feasible to repeat! Take my lead and check out Sarah’s continued success; she makes it so easy and fun!

Sarah was kind enough to chat with me for our Design Wars community, see what she had to say and please be sure to share this post after you enjoy!

Design Wars (DW): What are the best words of wisdom you can provide to hopeful / new professional artists?

Sarah Zimmerman (SZ): If you are thinking of starting a craft blog or crochet business, then follow your dream! It is a lot of hard work and can be time consuming but very rewarding. Do what you love and what you are passionate about and you will succeed. A lot of my followers ask me how they can start writing their own patterns. Master the basic stitches and patterns (like a beanie), and know how to increase/decrease. I found that once I knew how to do these things well and without having to look at a patter, I could pretty much experiment with any new ideas that popped in my head.

DW: What are you working on right now?

SZ: I am currently working on a baby blanket for the arrival of my baby girl! We have two boys so I am excited to finally be able to work on some “pink” projects.

DW: Do you follow blogs? What are your favorites?

SZ: I follow a lot of blogs but one of my absolute favorites is Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons. Jill makes the most creative snacks and meals for her kids. There is always a fun (and easy to replicate) food idea on her blog. I am always so impressed with what she comes up with!

DW: Is there a pattern / design you wish you thought of first? Are there any that blow your mind?

SZ: Recently, Tamara at Moogly posted a free pattern for an adorable Lego backpack. It is GENIUS and so simple! 6 bobble stitches look exactly like a lego – why didn’t I think of that?!

DW: Which of your patterns / pieces do you feel best represent you?

SZ: My Owl Hat pattern is by far my most popular pattern. It was also the first beanie pattern that I wrote and I have learned from it and have been able to tweak it and perfect it as I write new patterns. I definitely think this is my signature pattern and am so grateful that so many others like it as well.

Repeat Crafter Me | Free Owl Hat Crochet Pattern
Vendor Showcases are an exciting way Design Wars is working to build a strong community! I hand-select artists that I want to highlight, and who I feel our community will enjoy and appreciate! Up next I will present A La Sascha on 8 July!

45 responses to “Vendor Showcase | Repeat Crafter Me

  1. Only after 8months of learning too crochet, she has awesome patterns, easy to read and understand written patterns. I LOVE ALL OF HER WORK!!!

  2. I LOVE everything Sarah comes up with… Whether I’m crocheting one of her patterns or making a crockpot recipe, I can always count on delivering something truly special in the end. Thank you, Sarah, for continuing to INSPIRE me… ❤

  3. RepeatCrafterMe is my go-to place when I need inspiration. I really enjoyed reading about her family and how down to earth she is. It is nice to “see” that there is an actual person behind a business name and not just a machine that posts things. Gives me a whole new respect!

  4. I love Repeat Crafter Me! I’ve been following her since I started crocheting, which has only been almost a year. My favorite posts are the crochet patterns. Thank you!

  5. I’ve been following you for a few months and I just LOVE your crochet patterns, they are so not-cheesy!

  6. love, love, love repeat crafter me! been following for quite some time now and her patterns are absolutely adorable! i can’t imagine how she finds all the time to make them and chase after 2, soon to be 3, babies! i wouldn’t mind growing up to be like that!

  7. I love her patterns, her blog etc. I think she is wonderful and inspirational and I recommend her blog to everyone.

  8. I love her fresh new ideas! As an older crochet lady, I want to give gifts that are not old fashioned or out dated.

  9. I love Sarah’s designs! Her patterns are so easy to use and always turn out perfect!

  10. So excited to see all the new designs for DW4. Love the interviews of all the designers! Keep up the great work. Love Repeat Crafter Me!!

  11. Love all of your crocheted treasures! I am a newbie to the craft and have fallen in love with it! Thank you for the free patterns and ideas! 🙂

  12. Love Repeat Crafter Me. I found Sarah on the internet and follow her a lot. LOL she has awesome patterns which she share with us. She has some other cute ideas and recipes too. LOVE RCM! and of course Sarah shes so kind. hugs~

  13. Repeat Crafter Me has the best hat patterns on the web. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

  14. I LOVE all the hat patterns! And it’s so special to get to know Sarah a little better through this newsletter! She is an awesome “crocheter” and I appreciate so much her willingness to share her patterns for those of us who can’t afford to pay for patterns!

  15. I love reading about all those amazing patterns, the little hats are so cute, My mom does alot of croquet, I’ll have to show her this.

  16. She is sooo awesome! Definitely one of my fav designers. Congrats on your little sweetie on the way, Sarah!

  17. RepeatCrafterMe is my automatic go-to for all of her amazing patterns–best patterns EVER! Directions are perfectly written & finished projects always get RAVES from new Mommies!!! Such a kind-hearted sweet lady!!!

  18. Wow! I knew Sarah was busy but WOW! I made lots of the patterns she offers and even learned a couple new techniques. I am thankful for her sharing!

  19. Love Sarah’s vendor profile . She is so down to earth and relatAble! I love your concept of “professional artist” and “yarn sister”. Thanks for presenting a very inspiring mom-preneur like Sarah!

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