Vendor Showcase | Mon Petit Violon

Mon Petit Violon | Vita Apala

Brought to you by Salena Baca, on behalf of Design Wars

Mon Petit Violon | Summer Sandals

Mon Petit Violon | Pom Pom Scarf Hoodie

Mon Petit Violon | Leg Warmers

Mon Petit Violon | Ruffle Dress

Meet Vita Apala! She is the lady behind Mon Petit Violon – one of the worlds most known and coveted crochet designers! But, if you are just finding her work today for the first time you’re in for a real treat; her designs are elegant, dreamy, refined, and each one is quite practical! Her unique style is unmatched, and she is most popular for her vast line of baby booties that are absolutely drool worthy!

However, I expect that quite a few of you are already familiar with Mon Petit Violon , as her designs are commonly used in made-to-order crochet shops world wide, and it’s no wonder why – with color pictures, stitch counts, and professionally edited text, her patterns are designed to eliminate question and always produce an excellent product! I know, because I’ve been a very happy customer for years!

With designs this fresh, I’m not the only happy customer either;  in her 4.5 years of business online she has had an astounding 31,140 Etsy sales to date!  Her success doesn’t stop there either, she’s 13,400+ strong on facebook, has over 13,450 followers on her blog, and her work was recently featured on the cover of  Inside Crochet Magazine, issue 40!

Inside Crochet Issue 40 | Mon Petit Violon Cover Project

Mon Petit Violon | Venice Holiday

Mon Petit Violon | Vita & Children

Mon Petit Violon | Paris Holiday

Mon Petit Violon | Paris Holiday

Mon Petit Violon | Kids!

Mon Petit Violon | Kids!

While her pattern work is extremely inspirational  to follow, Vita is just as remarkable! She lives in Italy with her husband and two small children, and she sometimes blogs about  her family, surroundings,  and her European holidays. They are worth a good look too, as each post is complete with an array of post card worthy photographs – yes, she dabbles in photography!  She is bound to stimulate your senses, in far more ways than crochet alone, and you can find her right here:

Vita and I have collaborated to bring you the perfect kind of giveaway for this Vendor Showcase; I am donating 1 FREE Blog Ad Space to 1 reader, and she will be giving away 1 FREE PDF Crochet Pattern to 3 of our lovely readers – that’s 4 winners in all, so the odds (and prizes!) are very good! CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway!

23 June, 2013, 11:00 AM MST Update | Winners have 24 hours from now to claim these prizes:

1 FREE Ad Space on Design Wars Blog for 1 fan:

1. Miranda Kay Pearson Wickwire

Contact Design Wars to claim

1 FREE Mon Petit Violon PDF Crochet Pattern to 3 fans:

1.  Rita Morrison

2.  Abi Hastings

3.  Małgorzata Kawka

Contact Mon Petit Violon to claim

Mon Petit Violon | Mint Mary Janes

Mon Petit Violon | Mint Mary Janes

When I sought out Vita for this project, she was one of the very first to reply, and I have thoroughly enjoyed prodding into her life to bring you this showcase, enjoy!

Design Wars (DW): Define success; What do you hope to accomplish?

Vita Apala (VA): Well, for me success is to do what I love. In the past, for many years I was trying to achieve (and I was achieving) success in the areas I wasn’t particularly interested. Now, being able to put my family first, expressing myself as a designer, and receiving wonderful feedback about my work – that is success I always wanted!

DW: Is there something about crochet that you’ve always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask?

VA: No. I am actually a person who doesn’t like to ask questions, but who likes to explore.

DW: What are the best words of wisdom you can provide to hopeful / new crochet vendors?

VA: I always say – success doesn’t come in one day! You have to be patient, consistent, and able to adapt, to change. You never know the moment when success comes. Especially with designs and online business. Everything can change in one day. But what is really important – that you love what you do. If you are excited about your newest design others will be as well.

DW: If you could meet anyone in the crochet world, who would it be? Why?

VA: I know (virtually) some fellow designers on Etsy who started more or less at the same time as me and I think it would be interesting to meet one day. Unfortunately we live in different parts of the world.

DW: Do you have a favorite crochet pattern?

VA: Well, that can sound strange, but when I crochet I don’t like to follow the pattern. It was always like this. I was buying magazines with patterns, looking at the pictures and doing anyway everything in my way. Probably that’s why I started to write my own patterns!

DW: Do you follow blogs? What are your favorites?

VA: Yes, I do follow some blogs, but they are not crochet blogs. My favorites are Love Taza,  Elizabeth Kartchner,  and Pink Pistachio. I think I don’t follow crochet blogs on purpose, as sometimes when you watch too much what others are doing, you loose the sense of what is your idea and what you copied from others. I don’t want to be influenced too much by others, but I like to find my inspiration in other things like – fashion, nature, simple moments from everyday life…

DW: Do you wear your own crochet goods? Which pieces? (pictures!)

VA: Yes, I do. I mainly crochet for children, so my children (and my friend’s children) wear crochet goods all the time. But from what I made for myself and love to wear are: this cardigan and this bag .

Instant download - Crochet cardigan PATTERN (pdf file) - Ladies' Shrug - Cardigan

Mon Petit Violon | Vita’s Shrug Cardigan

Instant download - Crochet PATTERN (pdf file) - Summer Style Bag

Mon Petit Violon | Vita’s Summer Bag

Vendor Showcases are an exciting way Design Wars is working to build a strong community! I do hand-select a few artists that I want to highlight, but do offer opportunities for anyone to reserve this personalized service! Up next we will showcase Twinkie Chan on 24 June!

52 responses to “Vendor Showcase | Mon Petit Violon

  1. Where and when do we find out who won a free pattern from Vita Apala’s Mon Petit Violon collection? Thanks, and thank you for featuring her! 🙂

      • Selena — You posted the winners update at the same time I posted my question (different time zones). I see it now. Thanks, Jean 🙂

  2. I love learning about designers, and I have already been following mon petit violon so this was nice to read.

  3. great interview what I like is getting to know a designer on a more personal level. Great pictures!

  4. Love the vendor showcase idea! It’s nice to know a little about the people behind the beautiful work that we admire 🙂

  5. have been following vita for awhile. love her designs & her patterns are done beautifully with clear & easy directions.

  6. I drool over Vita’s patterns! And envy her creativity! Enjoyed reading the above post! Great to read her answers to your questions.
    Would love to win sandals pattern from her!

  7. I love all of her patterns! I am so excited to be making one of her dresses tonight for my daughter!! 🙂

  8. I like Vita’s work very much. Great to hear once again that when you love what you do and are passionate about it the success will come.

  9. I am so pleased to see Mon Petit Violon on here, her work is wonderful and I love her patterns I wish I had more of them!

  10. I have at least a half dozen of Vita’s patterns (probably more). I love her different slippers and have made them for gifts for moms, grandmothers and friends. Her baby booties are truly outstanding!I want to make her cardigan or the purse!

  11. Vita is by far my favorite crochet pattern designers! Her patterns are so easy to follow, even for beginners, and the few times I’ve had questions she responded to my emails within a day.

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  13. LOVE Mon Petit Violon! My favorite Etsy shop! And very nice to hear more about Vita and her family. Enjoyed this post very much.

  14. I found Vita’s shop on Etsy earlier this year and it is my absolute favorite one for darling crochet patterns for babies and children! She is truly original, and her patterns are VERY easy to follow, well written, and high quality. LOVE it!

  15. Love Vita’s patterns I have just about all if them, easy to follow and they so incredibly beautiful. I am always amazed by her use of stitches and how they develop into a exquisite garment before your very eyes.Her patterns are so fun to make!

  16. Loved reading the post about Vita! Her designs are wonderful and her family outings look amazing!!!

  17. I love what she said about trying not to copy others and just being influenced by other things to come up with ideas. 🙂
    Great showcase!

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