Vendor Showcase | The Tiny Plum

The Tiny Plum | Stephanie MacDerment

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The Tiny Plum | The Ava Hat

The Tiny Plum | Turtle Toy

The Tiny Plum | Bunny Ear Hat with Flower

The Tiny Plum | The Emery Beanie

Meet Stephanie MacDerment! She is the lady behind one of my absolute favorite shops to follow, The Tiny Plum! Her shop consists of knit and crochet goods that are ready to ship or made to order, and I have to say that she is one of the most inspirational resources I have (yes, even better than Pinterest, in my opinion)!

While she does have one original pattern available, her work is mainly derived from the designs of other artists. However, Stephanie has an unbelievable talent for color combination and embellishment use that utterly transforms an original design so that when she uses a pattern, she makes it her own!

The Tiny Plum | Stephanie MacDerment

The Tiny Plum | Stephanie MacDerment

The Tiny Plum | Kenadie (6) and Miller (4)

The Tiny Plum | Kids! Kenadie (6) and Miller (4)

I first found Stephanie on Ravelry sometime last year, and she immediately captivated me with her use of of a few of my patterns; she uses colors that I would not normally consider, and her knack for embellishment use is so phenomenal that she should teach a class on it!  Yeah, it’s that good! Not only is her work delicious eye candy, she is truly a lovely lady to know! I’ve had a few conversations with her, and she is just as humble as she is talented!

Stephanie was kind enough to allow me to prod her with some questions to share with our community, and she even made this lovely Amelia Hat that will be part of a GIVEAWAY we’re hosting in her honor! Enjoy!

20 June, 2013, 10:00 AM MST Update | Winners have 24 hours from now to claim these prizes:

1 FREE Ad Space on Design Wars Blog:  Crystal Vanderpool
contact Design Wars to claim

FREE Newborn Amelia Hat (Pictured Below):  Jessica Schroeder
contact The Tiny Plum to claim

The Tiny Plum | Newborn Amelia Hat | Enter To Win!

The Tiny Plum | Newborn Amelia Hat | Enter To Win!

The Tiny Plum is a great shop to keep up with!


Design Wars (DW): Define success; What do you hope to accomplish?
Stephanie MacDerment (SM): My story in a nutshell: On August 18, 2011, we welcomed my little niece, Daiya, into the world. Three days after she was born, she was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with two very serious heart defects and would later be diagnosed with 22q11.2 deletion (DiGeorge Syndrome/VCFS). She had what the Cardiologist said was probably the biggest surgery in the country just 13 days after she was born. She endured so much more than a tiny baby should.

She proved herself a fighter and has touched my life in a way that nobody else has. I donate a percentage of my sales each month to The Dempster Family Foundation;  a Family Foundation that is dedicated to raising awareness of 22q11.2 deletion (DiGeorge Syndrome/VCFS), reaching out to families with children who have the disorder, the charities that support them, and to help them deal with the difficult situations they face each day. I’m very proud of my partnership with The Dempster Family Foundation (check it out! I’m even on their website!). Success to me is being able to make that donation. It makes my heart sparkle every time.

(DW):  What are the best words of wisdom you can provide to hopeful / new crochet vendors?
(SM): Since transactions are over the internet and not face to face, just make sure customers know you sincerely appreciate their business. A thank-you email goes a long way.

(DW): If you could meet anyone in the crochet world, who would it be? Why?
(SM): Oh boy. Do I have to name just one? You, of course! You’re my crochet idol! I love Theresa Grant of Unravel Me. In addition to being a great designer, she’s super
nice. I always tell her she’s awesome – it’s probably starting to creep her out 😉 Liz McQueen from Playin’ Hooky is on the list, too. She’s an outside of the box thinker and I love that about her. Tara Murray. No explanation needed. She’s Mamachee!!

(DW):  What is your most recent accomplishment?
(SM): I wrote my first pattern, The Emery Beanie. I admire those who design, it’s tough and I’m not sure if it’s for me. I’m glad I gave it a go, but I’m more of a pattern follower!

(DW): Do you have a favorite crochet pattern?
(SM): I love your Amelia pattern because of the ear-flap portion. It’s written so the ear-flaps work up while you’re crocheting instead of having to reattach the yarn for the second flap like in a traditional pattern. That saves me time and the hassle of weaving in a bunch of extra ends!

Vendor Showcases are a brand new way Design Wars is working to build a strong community! We do hand-select a few artists that we want to highlight, but do offer opportunities for anyone to reserve this personalized service! Up next we will showcase Mon Petit Violon on 21 June!

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