You voted – Meet our Newest Design Wars 4 Challenger!

When I asked you good people to help us choose which designer should receive our final invitation to join Design Wars 4, I was thrilled to see that over 1,200 votes were cast in just 10 days time!  Our Design Wars community is brimming with fresh, talented artists, and so the competition for this invitation was quite stiff; especially since each challenger we presented to you is held in high esteem among crochet designers, and I honestly hated to see any of them left out! However, we do only have a hand full of opportunities to join, so tough decisions had to be made!  Think you have what it takes? Submit an application to join future rounds!

Without further delay, please join me in welcoming our newest Design Wars 4 Challenger who is brought to you by 42% of the total votes cast in our poll,


Wink is the newest challenger to join Design Wars, and I know she will be a positive, energetic, addition to our family!

Marinke Slump | A Creative Being

Marinke Slump | A Creative Being

Stay tuned and enjoy our Vendor Showcases as we plan and prepare for our Design Wars 4 Schedule!

Please give a round of applause to our two runner ups; they just barely fell short in the polls, but are wonderful artists who I will be admiring and continuing to follow very  closely!

Sarah Lora | Ball Hank N Skein

Sarah Lora | Ball Hank N Skein

Tanya Beliak | Crocheterie

Tanya Beliak | Crocheterie

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