DW4 | Help us pick our final invitation!

14 June, 2013, 6:30 AM, MST, Update: This poll is now officially closed for votes. Please check this blog for an updated announcement to welcome our final Design Wars 4 Challenger! Thank you!

Receiving an invitation to join Design Wars should not be taken lightly; this is a position that carries a great deal of responsibility as each challenger is one face that helps to represent our forum as a whole. Therefore, we have very high expectations for our challengers, and those chosen to participate must embody and display a positive attitude, good character, integrity, originality, and most importantly – be dependable!

We like to assure that Design Wars continues to be dynamic, and in that effort we have decided that some invitations to join our forum will be left for our community to decide! While there were many eligible crochet artists to consider, we are bringing you our top favorites and hope that you will help us decide who will join Design Wars 4!

This poll will allow you to vote for your top choice every 24 hours until it closes on 13 June, 2013, MST. Please read each entry, and be sure to visit their shops, chat with them, or post any questions you have for them; they are a wonderful group of gals, and every one of them gets our recommendation – which one will get yours? Thank you!

Tanya Beliak | Sweet Crocheterie

Tanya Beliak | Crocheterie

I am a nursing student, finishing my last year of the 4-year bachelor program, and I am very proud of it! I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my husband and 2 adorable kittens. Living in such a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, lakes, and green forest is very inspiring. Crochet design is my way to relax, unwind, and create. It is also a great way to justify my constant need to buy new yarn 🙂 Fun fact, I rarely sketch my designs! I love holding yarn in my hands and letting it tell me what it wants to become. Lately, I’ve been designing way too many blankets and afghans, they are so much fun, and allow great texture and color combinations. I am also a loyal fan of Design Wars 🙂


Marinke Slump | A Creative Being

Marinke Slump | A Creative Being

Hi! I’m Marinke but you can call me Wink. I blog several times a week over at acreativebeing.com where I share my love for crochet & color, and more! You may know me from the crochet tutorials I write for my own blog and Crafttuts+, but I’m mostly known for my weekly crochet mandalas. I have met a lot of lovely people since I started blogging and it is true what they say; bloggy friends are the best friends!

Sara Lora | Ball Hank N Skein

Sara Lora | Ball Hank N Skein

Crochet designing is my passion. I am inspired by my 2 preschoolers, beautiful color combos, simple designs,  easy uncomplicated living, and creating beautiful fabric with my hook. My designs are easy, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. Most of them are seamless with shaping achieved (in many instances) by stitch selection or hook size, rather than by increasing or decreasing. My philosophy is that the finished result must be beautiful and enjoyable to make, otherwise it’s not really worth it to me. My days are generally filled with parenting my 2 preschool age kids in beautiful Portland, Oregon. When I’m not working in the home or crocheting, I work as a part time attorney for Legal Aid. Since I learned to crochet (in December 2010) I have not missed a day, except for one when I had the flu. I crochet at lunch, breaks, nap time, red lights, etc. and my fingers cannot keep up with all the patterns I have in my head!


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