DW3 Newsletter | Issue 5

Design wars 3 Prize Pack | Red Heart Yarns | See Who Won!

Thank you all for sticking with us through the 17 days of non-stop voting in our efforts to find the most favorite Design Wars 3 pattern!

Actually, we hope that you found more than one favorite design in our bunch, so we ultimately decided to do away with the “pick your favorite” for future rounds; instead, we will feature certain categories, and fans can vote for their favorite design among them! We feel this will allow you to review our designs more fairly, especially since our efforts are always quite unique and difficult to judge comparatively!

That’s not the only new change you can expect for the future of Design Wars, so click on over to read issue #5 of our Newsletter now! Read, share, enjoy!


get our patterns button

Like our Design Wars patterns? Good! You can view a complete history of our patterns to date – DW1 to DW3 – right here! Each photo can be clicked to access the pattern itself, or more information about the design! Enjoy!

i want a spotlight

While Design Wars 3 is nearly at an end, we are not finished with you just yet! We decided to open our Blog for a few opportunities to showcase vendors and shop owners! I’ve got a few personal picks lined up, but some spaces can be reserved right here! We offer lots of ways that you can help to support Design Wars, because we want to network with businesses to create a strong, thriving community! See if any of our advertisement opportunities fit you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Design Wars 3, and we look forward to bringing you lots of great entertainment as we get ready for Design Wars 4! Check our schedule to see what we have planned, and please keep in touch 🙂

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