Daily Giveaway #35 | Sponsored by Mad Mad me

Mad Mad me | Design Wars 3 Crochet Pattern | Happy Everything! Mad Motif YES I VOTED DW3 BADGE


Daily Giveaway #35 was sponsored by Mad Mad me and held yesterday via rafflecopter on our fan page! To read what is up for grabs in our Daily Giveaways, read issue #4 of our newsletter and look for our  prize schedule! To participate in our giveaways, we hope you are fans and followers of our Design Wars Challengers, Design Wars, and our lovely sponsor Red Heart Yarns too.

And the winner is:

Beth Williamson!

Congratulations! Remember, you have 24 hours from now (5/29/2013, 8:30 AM MST) to claim your prize from Mad Mad me or this offer is void.

Thanks to everyone for participating in our daily giveaway, and for your interest in following Design Wars! This Daily Giveaway is now closed for entries but there will be a few more opportunities to participate for goodies and fun, so please keep checking back on our blog, fan page, and newsletters for updates!

Remember, if you are participating in our Daily Giveaways, please keep checking back in on our blog  every 24 hours to see if you’ve won; once the winner is named they only have 24 hours to claim their prize! Thank you!

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