DW3 Newsletter | Issue 3

Thanks to everyone who has been following along in our Design Wars 3 fun! Issue #1 and Issue #2 of our Newsletter have been a roaring success, and I’m so thankful for the positive attention they have received; In fact, these issues have been read nearly 4,000 times since released – THANK YOU! Now that we have given Design Wars permanent homes (Blog, facebook), I hope that this venture continues to be a fun, positive treat in the crochet community; one to be enjoyed, looked forward to, and loved!

Issue #3 is where the Design Wars excitement really begins; this is where we divulge small details about what we’ve been working on, and hope that our hints are ambiguous enough to be utterly mysterious!  Think you know what we’re up to? Stay tuned! Our Daily Giveaways are still going strong EVERY DAY, and there will be a few opportunities for you to voice your best guess for a chance to win great prizes from our DW3 lineup!

We have a few new small- business sponsors in our newsletter, so please check them out on the last few pages of this issue; their generous contributions are helping to make this venture a possibility and we greatly appreciate they generosity! Thanks also goes to our wonderful sponsor Red Heart Yarns; they are truly the bees knees and we love them whole-heatedly!

Read, share, enjoy! Thank you!

DW3 Newsletter | Issue 3


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